TM-2 Classic Gold CUSTOM

EGO Classic Gold Custom provide new sound in classic gold: The AIR-FORCE tube option and ODS overdrive sound.

Air-Force option is to add one subminiature tube in Classic Gold series, gives Classic Gold organic punch and dynamic sound!

ODS sound is a smoothest overdrive tone like Robbin Ford and Larry Carlton, this pedal includes clean and overdrive channel.

Check EGO ODS custom sound in this full demo! 

Big thanks to Derron Blakely, a guitarist in Sleepy Head band, He made a great demo for us! 

The equipment used, other than the pedal was:

Hollywood -
Strat with Klein Jazzy Cat pickups
Category 5 Vera amplifier
Category 5 2x12 (1 EV12L 1 v30) ISo booth
3 mics - 2 Shure KSM 313, 1 Beta 57
Mic pres - Atlas Pro Audio Juggnauts, and 1 ch of A Designs Pacifica
AD/DA= Lynx Aurora 16, UA Apollo
Protools 10 

Same except for the guitar - 
Gibson Johnny A Custom
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